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Did you know that a pygmy goat can bring joy, laughter and squeals of excitement?

At the Tupelo Buffalo Park they do! Our petting zoo allows you and your family to touch and feed some of our many animals!


      Our Petting zoo has a variety of different animals. With turkeys, pygmy goats, sheep, pot bellied pigs, "Lucy" the miniature cow, "Ellie" the fallow deer, and some miniature horses. You can even hand-feed our giraffes, "Tall Boy" and "Patches". Don't forget your feed bags for only $1.00 at the gift shop! These are only a few of the animals that we have in our petting zoo.

      We also have other animals that can be seen on your walk through the zoo, but cannot be touched. Bandit the Black Bear, Kiki the African Lion, Ozzie the Ball Python, Oliver the Capuchin Monkey, and Gypsy the Cougar are some of our more popular animals for viewing. On the Bison tour you can see the buffalo, zebras, camel, yak, as well as many other animals.

  Petting Zoo

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Petting Zoo!
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